Full Name Mario Kart (U)(QwiiF).rar
Filesize 2.78 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



ccboy1021 i even love this game better than mario kart 8 because mario kart wii try only for mario carthers not for dlc just free charaters and mario kart 8 do non mario charters dlc just so little. that is why i hit mario kart 8 i love mario wii.
Great game! That is all...
Mario Kart wii is awesome!!
I love Mario Kart Wii
The game is fun. Not the best Mario Kart, but it's still great because it's Mario Kart. What else can I say? The ISO is legit.
I could get gold on all cups, even mirror. Why? Because I just did!
lol i tried using the wii wheel
Yeah so how did that go