Full Name Inazuma Eleven Strikers (E)(WiiERD).rar
Filesize 3.92 GB
Region Europe
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



its so good must download
if i try to open it the screen turns black and then closes it self anyone know what to do?
that means it did not download fully
i deleted the file and downloaded it again but i had the same problem
your right happened to me too as well. try the Japanese one it works better.
the japan one is not the 2013. is this one is.
they also have a Japanese version too lol. Also you need a dolphin Emulator both for android and computer. As well a mod they have a on there website. though not sure if your phone can hold enough memory like this lol.
Guys am I the only one that after this download the ISO is corrupted? Any help please.
No I am facing this problem too. What can I do?
how do I change it to english
is this the 2013 version ?
Is it for android or pc
both if you can install emulators on it
Neither, its a Wii game. You need either a modded Wii or an emulator to play it on a PC or other device.
Vey big file size..
Is this in English??
perfect i love it, I hope it works on my pc
Does it work on android