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Full Name Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (U)(HaZMaT).rar
Filesize 3.05 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



you do go back from save spot where you left off the last time trying to find out again.
Is there anyway to fix the sound on these games, I'm using dolphin
comments are not for technical support, check the Dolphin wiki entry for this game and then ask for help in our forum.
so fucking awesome.
I download the .rar file from this site, but whenever I go to extract it into a folder (so that I can turn the folder into a .iso) I get this message: Error code 3 using "unrar" CRC error occurred, maybe the file is corrupt Any tips would be appreciated, I've redownloaded it a few times and always get this. My extraction software (Keka) has never had this problem before.
Status update: I kept redownloading it and was finally able to convert it into an .iso However when I try to load it on Dolphin it says that it is not a valid ISO. Help?
I had a problem with mine where it bugged out after the second mission but this game is a great game and should definitely be a top choice for any gamer.
what system should I use to run this game?
I use my homebrewed wii, you can do that or you can use dolphin emulator
its such a good game!!!!!!!!!!
pyremaker: Your dolphin is set up incorrectly, and this game does not run well on dolphin anyway. In future, please use the forum for technical support, not the game comments section.
Downloaded it, was under the name hz-ferdv101 and was a disc image file. Put it into Dolphin and it said "Couldn't enumerate outputs" Do I have to convert it to an iso or what?
This is for sure the fixed ISO. I could import my Easy save game from Path of Radiance. It's a great game so far too.
Amazing game, definitely a great addition to the series.
Great ROM. Anyone experiencing crashes at certain points (Lots of Laguz transforming, Herons using Vigor) should try DSP LLE in Dolphin.