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Full Name Far Cry - Vengeance (U)(QwiiF).rar
Filesize 3.14 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



So, this game looks very similar to the version of the Xbox classic !!! It's great and thanks Wii2HDMI Converter game I set to 1080p !!! and it now looks bomber.
very poor graphics don't waste points
I had this years ago when it was first released. I actually enjoyed playing single player, but I became motion sick. Multiplayer is really fun to. Graphics were very good considering the wii.
yeah nice graphics
Game has poor graphics and low res videos. Worse, it constantly prompts you to move closer stating the Wii Controller is too far away (only Wii game that does this for me so far). This makes the game unplayable. I wish that I didn't waste points on this one.
I would rather spend points that accumulate over time for free than money on any game that I probably would have never purchased otherwise anyway lol