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Full Name Driver San Francisco (U)(WiiZARD).rar
Filesize 3.87 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



Does not work in Wii console. Does not work in Dolphin 4 and 5 but Works in Dolphin Ishiiruka (Stable 751)
Think of it as "GTA, but you can't get out of the car". You can swap cars anytime you go to a garage, you have a handful of abilities, and with a second player you can go on a rampage (though TBH a second player is practically required to get through most of the missions). With a semi-competent third player (and a DS), you can have extra trip-planning help, roadblocks placed anywhere, or your wanted level/felony level/etc. erased fairly quickly. Graphics are excellent, audio is really good, and the gameplay doesn't really get boring after the millionth playthough. 9.5/10 Best thing you could ask for that doesn't involve swords, paintbrushes, excessively accurate offroading physics, or first-person shooting. *The only achievement I don't have is "Tourist", and Google suggests that nobody has ever gotten it.