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Full Name Dokapon Kingdom (U)(PROMiNENT).rar
Filesize 837.0 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



help it says the archive is either in unknown format or damaged if you have a solution please help me.
Make sure you're using the latest version of WinRAR, if that doesn't help, delete the file and redownload it.
this game is rly good and worth your time, and the wii verison is 100 bucks if you try to find it. so im am very thankful that its here
This game is a lot more addicting than you would think! It's so fun that I can play for a good 2 or so hours before I stop for a while (when I have time anyway. That's just me though.). While playing with friends is the better choice, playing this alone is still pretty fun......just know that if you set the CPU(or AI) to Normal or Sneaky(Hard), there will be some pretty cheap moments. In other words, there will be times(not all the time though) when things seem to be going WAY too well for the AI and you'll notice it(It's my only gripe with the game and may be a turn off to some people, but don't let that discourage you! I recommend taking on a "weak" CPU (any class) and a "Normal" CPU (preferable a Magician) for your first go at Story mode(or any other mode) so you can learn how to play and feel like you have a good challenge at the same time.) Other than that, it's a pretty fair game. Also, this game has the title for "Friendship Destroyer" and "Confidence Destroyer". If you thought Mario Party was bad enough with destroying friends, just wait till you play this (I would HIGHLY suggest to not value your friendship while you play with other people, just to be safe)! Lastly, like Mario Party, ANYTHING can go wrong for you in the blink of an eye! (Weber will cause a good chunk of them. Especially with the Darkling class, unless it's you that's getting it. Look it up and you'll see what I mean. Here's a tip though. If you're in last place and a small bat appear above your character's head, if you head to blue spot that's southeast of Dokapon Castle, you can sacrifice every thing you have[minus your equipment] to become the all-powerful and game changing Darkling for 14 in game days/turns[2 weeks in game] That or Weber will appear on a random space and give you a contract, which will warp you to that space. Warning: you MUST get there still being in last place and before 14 in game days/turns have passed) So watch yourself in this crazy, but really fun and addicting game! (If you need any more info, I would advise you to look it up. Trust me, it will help!)
Okay. If you want to play this game..... Do not value your friendships with your opponents. When someone become Darkling the game goes back to square one. Great party game though. Always brings laughs.
unless the darkling has no idea what they're doing and uses their points on small stuff