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Full Name Chrysler Classic Racing (U)(ZRY).rar
Filesize 654.1 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



Controls are very sensitive in this game. Cant control the car very well.
I kept my expectations low and still managed to be disappointed. The aesthetic is cartoonish, but the graphics are barebones at most. The cars are the only thing that seem to be decently modeled or textured, and even then they look like they were made for an early, early PS2 game. The audio is just bad (ONE collision sound, a bland engine sound, somewhere between 3 and 5 tasteful-but-boring songs TOTAL, and zero spoken lines in cutscenes), and yet also very low-volume for some reason. Gameplay feels like an exceptionally poorly executed Mario Kart clone (i.e. all AI cars have the same performance as yours, and there are power-ups and money on the track), but with poorly-thought-out collision damage thrown in for no obvious reason. And for some reason, the default control scheme (control scheme B) REQUIRES a Nunchuck despite the fact that control scheme A doesn't even bother with it. 2.5/10 don't bother with it unless you hate yourself or develop games for a living.