Full Name 007 GoldenEye (U)(PLAYME).rar
Filesize 3.86 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



This is simply the best multiplayer online game there is. Still the best all these years and in 2018. give it a try and see.
this is good remake for the wii
can you use ps4/xbox one controller? Wii u Classic pro controller?
they really just bent it over and blew out its asshole. there will never be another good bond film or game in our lives. have to live with that
Thx, i love this game!
one of the best games on my wii
Not something to write home about.
It's... fine. It's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine.
Its fine, its fine!
One of the worst games ive ever palyed
Take one of the greatest n64 games, and chuck it out of the window, rip it off, and add in COD. Its just.... dissapointing
Game works GREAT!
Could have been AMAZING but is instead just average-y. Shooting mechanics, movement, and camera control all work great, with the exception of turning speed (using standard control settings). The guns and action all feel like they've been ripped from a Call of Duty game (most guns have at least two or three scope options, and hitting someone three times with any gun on any part of their body will kill them). Graphics are EXCELLENT, and the audio is pretty nice, but multiplayer is sadly nothing to write home about (due to the poor turning speed). Having played the original Goldeneye, I can only say that this newer version of Goldeneye could have been so much better, but instead delved into trendy (read: Call of Duty-inspired) garbage and didn't fix the turning-speed issue. 6.5/10 might as well play it if you have a Wii.
You know this games precedes Call of Duty, right? smh....
No it doesn't. The original Goldeneye on N64 predates Call of Duty, this is a total remake of the game produced in the CoD era. Much the same way as Duke Nukem 3D preceded CoD by over a decade, but Duke Nukem Forever is CoD pretending to be Duke Nukem.