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Full Name Xena - Warrior Princess [U] [SLUS-009.77].7z
Filesize 150.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Join Xena, the mighty warrior princess, in her quest for justice and glory on the PSX gaming console. Defeat fierce enemies and explore mystical worlds in this action-packed adventure game. Experience the thrill of Xena's iconic weapon, the chakram, as you battle foes and uncover secrets. Download the ROM today to play Xena - Warrior Princess on your PC and relive the excitement of this beloved classic game."


I have loved this game since I was a little girl. It scared me in some parts, especially Hades, but it was really fun to play anyway! I love the theme and I was always an avid Xena fan. I haven't played this game in years, so I am considering downloading it for Old-Time sake.
Like this game good acting and sword fighting game. Loved the cyclops boss. For all Sword fighting fans this is a must have game. SAVE UP YOUR POINTS FOR THIS GAME.
Great game it was the top of that time
how i put it on a cd
I know a friend who had this game, but I'm not sure if she still keeps it. It was fun for its time, and I agree with kewzee, very underrated.
Fun Game......i always thought it was underrated :O
Good Game...
For its era this was very well done. Fun to play, good voice acting. Great for Xena fans or just those who like old-school games.
Ok game alot of childhood memories i give it a 3.5/5
She's hot......
I played and it has some preety neet things.its a cool game
Its a nice game :) remember the time when i play SNES with my friends. Download and test this game if you dont know.