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Full Name Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together [U] [SLUS-00560].7z
Filesize 44.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



what emulator did you use play this? open emu won't work
This game is great! Brings back so many memories and I really want to play it again but I have been having a few problems getting it to work, I have the epsxe emulator and I was wondering if you can play this game on it, because when I download this game the type of file that it comes in is not compatible with the epsxe emulator ( it's not ISO format) any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Good times. Good times I remember playing this since i was a kid hehe. I liked this game much :) I didn't realize its on PSX(wat's that lol) since i played this through the computer :P
I stuck at Aloser stage, (at meeting Vice again) ,when vice dies and after aloser finished talking, game does not continue. any opinion?
This game is incredible, the deepest game I've ever played, and so much better than Final Fantasy Tactics. 3 routes, complete re-playability, and the best tactical system ever. You WILL want to play the GBA version (The Knight of Lodis) after this. Check this site out if you want tips:
I was amazingly surprised by this game. I played the original ogre battle, and didn't like it. This game on the other hand, is AMAZING. I couldn't believe the depth and versatility of the story line for a game this old (I think the original version came out in 1995). I now can easily say that this is one of my favorite games. I highly, highly recommend downloading this!
I played the gba version and it rules... but I couldn't defeat the final boss. I will download this one now.
LOL,, yeah I can sense the fun just by looking its ss,, hope it has hot babe too XD
Easily in my top 3 games of all time. Graphics were dated, but keep in mind it was a Super Famicom port. Gameplay is fantastic, story is great, lots of options for party customization. Not to mention the different paths are HUGELY different. It's like playing several sides of the same game.
One of the best games I ever played, even playing this after Final Fantasy Tactics. The story is much much better.
Time for a Post Nuclear Review. Tactics Ogre is the bigger, Smarter brother of Final fantasy Tactics, possibly the progenator of FFT's gameplay no less. You have 4 elements, the clasical ones, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, all play a part in battle. You have various battle classes, each with their advantages (the beast master for instance uses whips, but his real advantage is convincing beasts to join your side.) Magic users have spell slots, which you equip with spells, three or so for most magi. The game's leveling is a tad slow, but you can just use training and 2 computer controlled teams to skip that. and the story is infinitely smarter and more dramatic than anything in Final fantasy tactics. Don't get me wrong, Final fantasy tactics is a good game, but its more an all ages party than the Teens-to-adults affair of the Tactics Ogre crowd. if you like Tactical RPGs, and deep story, and don't mind long, strategic battles this is a great game. Look for the Gameboy installment as well if you liked this one.
Ha, i figured it out, time to spend hours on nostalgia