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Full Name Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI [U] [SLUS-00918].7z
Filesize 118.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI is a strategic simulation game for the PSX that takes place during the historic period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. With immersive gameplay and intricate political systems, players can lead their chosen kingdom to victory by military conquest and diplomatic alliances. Download the ROM to experience the rich world of Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI on your PC and immerse yourself in the thrilling battles and political intrigue of this classic game.


i play this game in 13th and now i will play again.,..
This game is awesome ! A lot of characters! Awesome strategies! A lot of CHEAT !!!
Hundreds different characters make this game fun
this game sure made that i stay awake all night! i mean seriously xD i like the tactic games, then you do duels and if you defeat the oposing general and he has a weapon you could own it :D nice stuff, until you control all the country and put the Emperor under your command
One of the best games I have ever played. Gotta love it! :D
Work 100% for me! =) i use epsxe can be loaded directly or by mount it with daemon tools!
does cd quality has a problem or just this download don't work?
My all time favourite Playstation strategy games! Its always fun to create our own army...manage a city...go to war...recruit a strong officer...use a plot to destroy enemy's cities...find some items...and go dueling! Never tired of this game...always on my storage! Love it! :)