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A vintage survival horror game when the genre was really taking off. Great game if your into the original resident evil series, or even alone in the dark 4: a new nightmare. Few survival horror games of this value came out for ps1 so take advantage of it!
Simply one of THE best games on the playstation and so unheard of unless your die hard fans of the survival horror genre ! This game is awesome the story is great the controls are great and im sorry to say but when your able to throw enemies around and around with your powers and slam them against a wall its so full filling XD. ( not to sound sadistic lol) Simply an underground game that should have had alot more hype then it got ! Give this game a try if you like survival horror ! I promise you wont be disapointed !
I has that game and my ps1 =.=; never finished thought, >.< its too scareh TT^TT! But its interesting and if you do mistakes, you'll pay for it at bosses, take it from someone who has a lil experience! It's gloomy! Not like RE5... that is NOT scary! It has same kinda feelings has the RE2,3...and 4(OMFG I hate the RE Background sound, Its so tense, reason I never finished them too...) and SH stories(nope, never finished them)... I mean, IT IS SCAREH, you Feel the adrinaline running throught your veins! And you scream, well I screamed and cried a lot so, yea horror games are suppose to do that right? Aside that, worth Download points!
The third screenshot is from Galerians: Ash for PS2. Not such a good game. Galerians (this one) is one of my absolute favorite survival horrors. On par with Silent Hill (1) and RE (1). Download!
The third screenshot is from another Galerians i think o-o
Worth the Download. My playstation 2 broke, so I can't play it anymore :[ Even though I've beaten it plenty of times, it never fails me nor does it grow old.
Galerians is a very strangely interesting game, I bought it when it first came out and didn't regret it then, it's definitely worth the download points to pick it up. Quite a unique storyline.