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Full Name Sonic Unleashed (U)(GSXR).7z
Filesize 7.06 GB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Sonic Unleashed is a thrilling adventure game for PS3 that follows Sonic the Hedgehog on a quest to save the world from destruction. With seamless gameplay and stunning graphics, players can download the ROM and immerse themselves in unforgettable landscapes while exploring exciting levels. Join Sonic on his mission to restore balance to the planet and experience the ultimate gaming experience from the comfort of your PC. Download Sonic Unleashed now and discover the true power of the world's favorite blue hedgehog.


Do they have this game I can run on my android device I love sonic
Android devices CANNOT emulate PS3 at this time.
the download is not in iso format how do I play using RPCS3?
either run it on a modded PS3 or wait for RPCS3 to reach a point it is supported.
How can I run this game ? RPCS3 isn't work
And which emulator runs it? RPCS3 isn't supporting Sonic Unleashed :(
It is not an .iso format, how do I play it?
Yes finally!