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Full Name Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition (E)(ABSTRAKT).rar
Filesize 8.38 GB
Region Europe
Can Download Yes



Red Dead Redemption is an iconic action-adventure game that lets players explore the American Old West. With the Game of the Year Edition on PS3, gamers can enjoy even more exciting features, including new missions, characters, and multiplayer modes. Experience the thrill of the chase as you roam through rugged landscapes, encountering outlaws and wildlife at every turn. Download Red Dead Redemption and bring the Wild West to life on your PC with ease thanks to our hassle-free ROMs.


Does this work with rpcs3?
where do i install it ? it's not a package or iso file? i'm running HEN on my ps3 ;)
I still have to install it, I also use hen, we hope it works. Anyway, I think it's an ISO so you have to put it in the folder. Then I'll let you know
Use PS3 splitter to transfer files from a PC to your portable drive in order for this game to work.
Nah, i'm using the FTP process PC to PS3, much faster and much better...