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Full Name Demon's Soul (E).rar
Filesize 6.07 GB
Region Europe
Downloads 13406
Can Download Yes



I have discovered why the game doesn't work. In the BLES00932 folder the file named "PS3_DISC.SFB.txt" is supposed to be named "PS3_DISC.SFB". If you rename that file it works. You will need to set windows so it shows file extensions or you will not be able to see the .txt file extension.
Looks fine but doesn't work with RPCS3 as bleh007 mentioned. I was unable to fix it. US version works fine.
what was your fix
is this a safe download?
All downloads on this site are safe
is this download ok now
any comments on how you got it fixed, I haven't been able to use it with RPCS3
This file has a bad ps3disk file for me. I got it working but if it's like that for everyone it needs to be fixed. just heads up.