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Full Name 3728 - Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Endless Frontier (U).7z
Filesize 73.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I thought there was gonna be a bunch of super robots. There is only 1 and a bunch of androids.
This game has a lot of fanservice which to be honest is pretty distubing but when you get past all of that and see the story, music gameplay etc then you will recongnize that this is one of the best RPGs on the DS. Go ahead and download it already :).
Wow! I checked it's rating and.... it's just..... a game like this teen...... :O
This is awsome, "Wait a minute, i would recognise that wonderfull behind from 100m away, i'ts you again Yasa!" -(said by Hakan: cowboy dude) -( Yasa a criminal with a god like body if you know what i mean;)) This sentence alone just made my day:D Anyway folks download this, i thought it would be a dissappointment, well it ended beiing the oposite:D Btw the game is packed with Sentence-Fails like this;)
hey can anyone recommend a game similar to this, i loved the combat system :)
I am half way finish.Hard to gain experience points and money.after buying armor and weapons me got no money
The second screenshot convinced me to get this. And i'm lovin' it.
Everyone, first, please stop babbling about how big the girls jugs are, that is a good thing for everyone, and Atlus knows they will not rate a game E for kids in Japan and M for people in USA, they´re smart. The game is good, the girls are cute and the attack system is cool, i like the animation sprites, very well done game.
That's a great game! It can get kinda repetitive sometimes but it still rocks. Lotsa fan service and a very good humor (almost as good as Disgaea). And even though the exploring is a bit repetitive the battle system is damn fun and original. The support/swap system makes battles a lot like Marvel vs Capcom games and such. Give it a try.
Nice game:)I could be playing this for very long!!!:D
This game is great so far. Love the humor, the animation, and the battle system. I've only got a little over 8 hours in, and I can't wait to see what more characters, skills, and abilities will open up as the game progresses. Never heard of the game before, so I was glad that I stumbled over it when I did. Really enjoying this game!
hahaha.... best game ive played in DSroms so far, finished it like 24 times already, everybody should get this, except for the kids maybe... but all "weird" thoughts aside this game has a very good story and gameplay, plus its easy to learn. btw... try beating my record of 578 hits. hehe. Hint: Suzuka Finish 10/10 1 for the Double D Bombs!