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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
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so fun! but hard to avoid getting hit :P
If you like kingdom hearts, or a type of animation game with a great story, one of the most definite games to get. At first you will get confused with the double screens, but after a while you will love it. If you don't then thats your opinion . I Truly reccomend this game to anyone who is willing to try a intriguing story line plot, great graphics, and a game based on buildings to Tokyo (:
this game is awesome and i recomend it to anyone who is looking for a good game, or anyone who is bored (look at how many comments lol)
this is the most awesome-est game :)..i felt so empty after finishing this game xD wish there was TWEWY 2 :D the game was so real..that I feel like going to Shibuya right now ;D Neku<3 ahahaha :D No regrets on downloading this one..;)
This is THE best game i have ever played in my life... very good story...
love this game simply amazing. even though i beat it and got EVERYTHING. im gonna replay it. :D
**************************************************************************************** SOLUTION TO THE FREEZE PROBLEM !!! ... mediafire(dot) (com) (black slash ) (?)tmmimz1dmyy <<<< download this file, it's the save game on DAY2 and it's already on ENGLISH VERSION. just copy and paste this file into your game folder then Voila ! you can begin at day2 !! ( it's the earliest save game on your game, so it won't damage the story line that much ) *****************************************************************************
when is saw the screenshots of this game i through: Doesn't look so interesting. Then i looked at the comments... there were 1000 nds of good comments, so i downloaded it. And it is so good. Great story line: It takes you in the game and has some exciting moments. Great game conrols, great ideas with those pin's and brilliant fighting. Big Magic, Live frethening, great opponents and a story line that's accually quiete genius.! I love it!
I tried the flip the screen on and off and it worked.:)
Iam using an N5 here and it gets stuck at the place in the beginning where he runs past the guy with the skull hat.Anybody know how to fix this?
Every comment ive read so far says this game is one you just cant put down. So ill give it a try and ill comment back!
this game is totally AWSOME!!!!!I never get tired of playing it.