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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE DS GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!! exept I'm stuck on the sun box thingy...
Is this game good? coz im going to download it.. i dont want to spend my no its not the points but tell me :D
Awesome, apart from the fact the actual 'Story' was fairly crappy... It's about this threat from this company... you have to do this stuff in 7 days. Gameplay, music, graphic all ten outta ten... just the story that's it
one of the most fun games I've ever played. every thing about it is just about perfect.
why it stucks in my acekard2i????
Really good game so far cause I'm only on day 3. Amazing story line and battle system. Battles could've been a little less complicated cause my eyes are flying all over the place checking on Shiki and Neku
Absolutely amazing game! Best on the system if you ask me! Highly recommended!
@bk201 i know you posted your comment ages before this but if you play on shiki really isnt so hot
This game is absolutely fantastic.
Easily one of the most greatest games ever made for the Nintendo DS.
it does work on r4 as long as you have latest firmware but getting to the game i have just finished day 1 and let me say i LOVE IT!!! 95 out of 100 but not best game i have played both zeldas and henry hatsworth beat it..
does it work on r4?