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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



the best DS game ever played! 10 10 for soundtrack: reccomended to all ds players!
I garantee this is the best DS game you will ever play! even after you finish the game you can go through different levels and find special items. If you compleat certain requirements then you can unlock secret documents the shead light on some of the unexplained things in the game. The graphics are fantastic. he story line is wonderful - i wont spoil it and fighting is really fun you control the bottom screan with the stylus and the top with the D-pad (or A,B,X,Y buttons for leftys like me!)Oh and i almost forgot - the nmusic! the music fits the game perfectly not something i would have on my iPOd but it works wonders with the game! YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME! or else i will stalk you and force you to play it!
The best game I've ever played on the DS. There's a reason it was going up against 360 and PS3 games for best game of the year.
Great game! the only game i bothered to finish so far
dang, my game keeps freezing right when i almost pass the guy wiht the skull beanine... D: I wanna play this game.
Found a sure-fire fix for this ROM using flash cards, i had used the amazing power of google to find it. "It appears the opening cut scene requires a very high rate of data transfer and causes most game cards to lock up during the opening scene. Both my M3 Lite and M3 Real crashed at the same point where the two guys are passing each other in the opening cut scene. If I open and close my DS during the opening scene then the buffer has a chance to keep up with the streaming video and I can play the game. So far I have tested this on both of my cards with success. I'd like to hear if anyone else has success with this approach. " " This fix works with the ezflash IV, as I just verified. During the cinematic, I would close the ds for about 10 second, then open it for about 1, then close for 10, etc. I was able to get through the crash. Leaving it closed for 10 seconds is probably overkill, but I wanted to be safe. If anybody figures out a more definitive method, be sure to post and let everybody know." I think that just closing it right at the point it freezes will work as well, but i did it a few times
This was a very great game Story Line: 9.5 Action and Fighting: 10.0 Creativity (Pins Items etc.): 10.0 Extended Game (how long it is):8.2 Graphics: 9.7 This is one of the BEST games I have ever played for DS. I recommend People should download.So in total I would rate this (out of 10) 10 out of 10 !
I Beat It The Week It Came Out. Best 40 Bucks Wasted!!!
Can someone seriously please help me. I keep trying to play this game on my ds, and as some of you may know, on the Acekard 2i, it freezes when you run pass the guy with the skull beanie. I am reading so many good reviews, and I am anxious to play this game. But can someone please help me out, I really want to play this game, and I really can't offord to buy it in stores. Can someone please help me get this game going?
The game freezes on my r4 before day 3 starts.
this game sounds terrible but the gameplay changed my mind!
there is a problem with mines i can't go into A-east, it freezes everytime i go there and i'm in the middle of the game. I use the R4 so does anyone have any suggestions?