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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



luv this game =)
This is the best game i've ever had!@
Love this game! One of the best i have ever played!
If you're going to play this, you'll want to restore the original japanese music.
Hey, This game is acting like a dump file for me, what should i o to get it running on my Acekard 2?
I bought this game so not quite sure how the rom works but it's worth buying believe me. This game has to be most unique game i have ever played in my entire life and i love it.
Best game ever.
FFUUUUU I lover this game, but I got now a own dsi cuz the ds of my brother was broken TT^TT I download this game again and he stops at the intromovie TT^TT what can I do???
this game is awesome, but the music gets a bit annoying after a while.
the only game i can play over and over again
best game i played in a while