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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
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Anyone else having chrashing problems? I am on my M3 Real crashes in into video after first battle.
Epic Game! this is worth the download and buying!(buy cuz you can't connect wireless on emulator :p) hard using mouse and keyboard but so worth it! I like played this for hours and hours and almost done with the game. The reason i downloaded this because of square enix. They make the greatest games like kingdom hearts, final fantasy, etc.
Best game I've ever played. It has a pretty addictive gameplay and has a very nice story line. I love the final part. the World begins with you.
Best DS Game Ever I Would Rate It 9.5/10 Only the graphics are not so good, but good for the DS
1 of my best game and no problems with it. my rate is 100/100
just one word for this game AMAZING!!!
great game reccomended to everyone bosses are hard but not too hard after you won the game there are little trophies left in the game which means you can try to get them all i ended the game and before i deleted the game i was level 99 with almost all trophies
cool ausome game !!!!!!!!!!
100% completion on all..^^..great game... love the gatito items.....
TWEWY= The World End With You. Maybe that will answer your question.
is this game called TWEWY tell me plz>..?!
best rpg ive ever played on any console