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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This is the best game i've ever played, it has such a good story line! BUT when you completed the story line, you can collect additional stuff i lvl's to unlock text's, which get's boring very fast
Sweet! it on works on iDeaS! i can play it now!
Hmm i don't know why people keep saying this is a great game, i can't seem to enjoy this game. Also the storyline is weak, i've read something like this in a manga years back.
What can I say? This turned out to be my favourite DS game of all! It's so awesome, you can replay it over and over, because the storyline and the gameplay are so unique, you don't get bored! Besides, completing the game isn't even half of the game, there are still many quest to do, a worthy of any DS gamer.
Why cant i play this on my R4? it hangs after the first fight scene
Well I think this is a great game anyway to whatever Crom wrote above me. Its probably one of the best rpgs out on the DS that is actually worth buying. Some DS prices are just crazy but you know you would get what you paid for with The world Ends with you. Seriously, the music, graphics, storyline is all there and its awesome.
I really did not like this game at all. Convoluted story, gimmicky controls, irritating characters. I will give it points for trying though; it's visually slick and has an interesting enough premise, the way it starts off in modern-day shibuya is pretty cool. I actually gave it three chances but each time i got fed up with the gimmicky "stylus-scribbling" and ridiculous cutscenes... big disappointment considering the attention it gets.
I bet this game is great and all. But can someone state an emulator that would run it?
Square pulls through yet again.
Its good, not amazing very repeatitave, yeah and to easy hope they make a second
This game is possibly the most engaging and wonderfully addictive games on the DS. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
I can't play this game, i had error with this game T_T sorry bad english..