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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This game rules =) I bought the real thing after playing the first day, just to support the fact that it's worth getting =D Designed really well for the DS.
Well, the start of the storyline isnt very well. but its not just an emo guy trapped in a game. its a story about friendship. and also, the gameplay doe need some getting used to, however, once you did, youll be stuck to the gae forever. the people who dont like this game are lazy people who think "hmm. different gameplay........ okay this sucks" and are too lazy to get used to the way of playing. i have finished this game for over a year now, and i havent found any other game that was even the slightest bit better.
To be honest, i really don't like this game... The story line is pretty dumb, about some emo kid trapped in a game. Hate the controls where you have to multi task, because I can't do that for shit. Overall, just not a game for me.
Seems good but after a little bit of the movie after u escape from the frogs at the start it freezes on my r4 ultra card on ds?? please help?? tryed twice froze twice.
This game rocks, not sure if you play on an emulator but on the ds with the stylus, DAMMMM ITS SO FUN and storyline blew me away especially the ending!
This is my favorite rom I ever downloaded
This game is awesome perioid. its one of my all time favorites now and i am a game fanatic i own all consoles and this game is in my top ten awesome 99/10
Great game. if you dont have this game, your missing out.
The first game I ever got for my NDS Lite. Possibly one of the best available for the system. I can see playing this one thru quite a few times. Takes a little getting used to the fight controls, but well worth it. Check this one out... I think you'll like it!
I love the game Great Game
All i get is a blank white screen!
Sorry i couldnt play the game a freind of mine let me play theirs only got about 3 minits in and it was pretty good not gonna give a score due to lack of gameplay