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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This game is fuckin awsome. One of the greatest MUST-PICK-UP/DOWNLOAD RPGs on this friggin planet. Awsome story, kickn' out the turn-based battles, and cramping in one of the most addicting action packed battles this system has ever seen. The story is awsome, twisting the reader, and putting you and the characters to the test. The only tiny, microscopic, atom-sized flaw is the short but awsome, compelling story. So get your arse of this comments page and download this game! It's because of these long paragraphs i got an A in english class...... :` ROFL
Geart gema, thenks sow mich1 I chnises litla enghliceh. Ths gema is geed!
WHEre cAn I geT a gOod nDs EmulAtor foR thiS GamE? PM mE pleAse!
I dont get whats so fun about it?????
Whatta Good.........GREAT GAME!!! but....Kinda hard to play
Can anyone tell me why it doesnt work on R4 ? and anyone got a sav file that i could download of this ... plz give me website lol XD
Its a really good game and anyone who likes rpg games should get it. If you don't, you suck.
This is one addicting game i relly hope it runs on other emulators soon as it is awesome
Looking at the comments make me want to get the game now
Sir eagle 3, are you calling me lazy? I have my opinion, and my opinion is that the controls for this game sucks. Why can't people respect that?
Doesnt work for me maybe my r4 is old D;
It's the best DS game ever. I love the story, graphics (though they looked like stick people to me at first), and especially the battle system