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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



=.= Freezes after the first fight on my CycloDS
This game didn't work for me on my acekard 2.1. It got as far as the end of the intro and just stopped responding.
I was permanently stuck on what I think is the last boss. Other than that, the game was awesome, definite download.
I would probably love this game but just like "Bob\_Kill123" my would keep freezing just after starting the game. I am using an R4 card would that make a differance???
Please help it keeps freeezing on my acekard 2.1 at the part where neku is running passed people after running from frogs
Did you know that you can completely play this game on no$gba using ngzoom? try it now!!!!!it's fixed!!!
You don't like this game, you suck. I give it a 100/5
Great Game i actually went and bought it to support the company. I played soooo much i got star rank on all but pin mastery but pin mastery is at an "A" so it's good. got all black planet chips . very very great game 7/5.also has great replayability. download now!! ATTENTION R4 USERS: any problems with games you should try the alternet firmware YSmenu. Instuctions here
I love this game! This is my new fav for the DS.
This game works with no$ gba.
I can't download this game
WEre can I gEt a goOd emUlator foR this gAmE.. mY no$gba 2.6a aRen'T doinG goOd afTer All... plEaSe hElP....