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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This game is GREAT...5/5. The only one teeny problem is that their are way too many pins. Also. since the fact that the story line (7 days 3x) is quite short. I beat the game and now I'm soooo sad. Are there any games like this?
Awsome game i love it i got everything and i beat the game
This game is rubbish commplete rubbish
What the I just posted the comment above me a few seconds ago. But now it says 58 minutes ago, and btw in New Jersey its 11:07 AM
I am sick and I was bored... but it's not Friday yet so I looked at the comments and a lot of people said that the game freezes so Im scared the game will freeze.My brother downloaded this game and I erased his file on it just so I could play it and it was really fun but after a while my brother found out and said I couldn't play it anymore =(. But while I was playing it, I got really addicted to it. Now, I finally got an acekard 2.1 and Im going to download it tomorrow.But im still scared the game wil freeze on me.
This is the BEST game ever.. It's AWESOME and AMAZING!! 100/100 overall two thumbs up!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT
This is my favourite game. Great storyline, sweet graphics and lots of content. Just when i though i was about to finish the game, bam! another level. I recommend this game to anyone that loves rpg/adventure style games. Thanks for the upload SQUiRE. 5/5
Why cant i play this game, it always black and so i cant see anything...
Neither the US or European works with my Acekarc 2i. Seems like a weird funny game... Squire enix's games are always awesome :)
It is indeed a great game. Square Enix could have something here.
Is this game good? No. It's absolutely freaking awesome. It's such an awesome game, I have to put it in bold. Now, I'm not really a fan of JRPGs (too much grinding) but this one had me hooked. It managed to score with flying colours on my standards checklist. And the music is divine: the one or two horrible tracks are so few and far between you'll want to buy (or pirate) the OST simply to listen to the rest. (Case in point: Amnesia - fourth-best song for any game ever: only beaten by the Lab music from Contact, Chrono Trigger, from the game of the same name and "Severing the Chains of Fate" from Trauma Center UTK2.) I could rant for hours, but you have more page to load, so I'll simply end it with this sentence: DOWNLOAD TWEWY IF IT'S THE LAST THING YOU DO!