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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
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I loved this game so much i finished it in about 2 days =] i give this a 5/5 because the story just pulls you in, the game has great music, and for the amazing and realistic characters. And for people that have problems with no$gba you have to download No$Zoomer :p
10/10 - Best DS game I have ever played. I was recommended to play this by a friend and I'm glad he did. I've been a fan of Square games back when they were Squaresoft (as a lot of us are) and I must say, for originality and enjoyment, this is up there with FFVII. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as I sort of boycotted Square games after the Enix merge but I take it back; this is a great game! Works out of the box and flawlessly on a CycloDS Evolution. Also, anybody else notice that the indicators in the top right of the lower screen are real indicators for the DS? (i.e. Battery, WiFi) Now, back to Shibuya...
This is one of the best out there, get it while you still cn!
Yow!!!... this game rocks... best game I played in nds so far...
10 out of 10 i loved this game
The above fix will not fix the blackout problem in the No$GBA, if you want to play this game and dont have a DS, get the iDeas
I found a fix for the freeze problem where it gliches right when you run past beat. go download the japaneese version of the game-"1240 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai - Its a Wonderful World" play the english version up to the point where it freezes in a No$gba 2.6 it will automaticaly generate a sav. file. now play the japaneese version in the iDeas, up to the point where you can sav the game. save you game. now copy the entire name of the english sav. file and and give this name to the japaneese sav file. now open the english rom "the world ends with you", with your iDeaS, it should start from the same place you saved in the jap version, but the text will be in english. and the bugs are all gone!! if it doesnt do it again you did something wrong!!
For those using emulators this game works for the iDeaS or for those of you that use the No$ gba the NGZ zoom wont realy help. youl be able to play the gam but it wont fix the blackout problem so go get the ideas here:
Wah no..... no$gba Show blank when playing \_-a
Great game,I thought I wouldnt like it since im a girl but its great! l
Ok, some tips. For Acekard 2i users, after the opening cutscene starts, the one after the frogs, open and close your DSi repeatedly until it's over, or else it WILL freeze at one point, it'll help it buffer info and it won't freeze, hope that helps. PS. If you play games with an emulator, don't download it, Only if you have a Flashcard.
Mines is freezing at the opening when the main character passes this other dude! Can someone help me please? I have a DSi with an Acekard 2i.