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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
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i have not played it yet but it is pretty cool
im dling it now is it gud?
I have got to say that this game is one of my top favorite games that I recomened to everybody ages 10 (Not to sound like a ESRB, Lmao) But, the game is a challenge on the "Hard Difficulty". But, the game is just asking for torture if you put it on the "Ultimate Difficulty" Now You're just plain screwed, LOL. The Game is short if you play day and night (like I did one time). Overal, Awesome sound track, Awesome gameplay, Awesome art But, I just wish that the characters weren't as thick as a "Tooth Picks". Anyways great game, I Personally give it a Five Star Rateing and I am a huge Fan of the game myself. Hit mii up on Aim: BlazeEman187
Great original sound track, great replay value, great graphics and one of the greatest storylines ever. Put simply: one of the best ds games.
Fresh story plot with catchy music and cool graphics
weehhh! too bad i cudn't play it...hmmp...but i've played the begginning and alls i have te say is...damn...great art style, i really favor square enix's game designs and art style ^^ howevs, this was totally cool
the screen shots makes it look like its so hard but lemme see why its so good =]
Great game, just for me impossible to control the upper screen @-@ so I just put it on auto LOL newb equals me (:
I couldn't get more than five minutes into this game despite what I'd heard about it's combat system and story. The main character is an insufferable angst-filled twat.
Best Ds game ever. The story of this game is better then any book I've read.
Great game 5/5