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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I'm stuck on the second capter last boss HELP!!!!!
This is one of the greatest games i have played!! EPICNESS!!! my friend and and i are hooked!
The game is EXTREMELY addicting! I've finished playing it, it's super fun! Haha, the graphics is pretty good as well, i liked the animations
It won't work on my r4.
This, kh2, and FVI are the only games out of about 12 enix games I've played. Nice for taking a break from jrpgs
It works Pein 418 and the game lives up to expectations, it's freakin' awesome!!! 100/100
Why do I keep on getting "System Information" when extracting?...
So good that I bought 19 copies hoping a 2nd one will come out!!!!!! If someone does not give this game a full 100 they should probably either check for mentel issues or sell there ds and get a psp. This game never got very populer, but if they put an advertisment they would be swimming in money.
Greeni31 read my comment in this post it has the fix for it. just follow the instructions. ill post it again:I found a fix for the freeze problem where it gliches right when you run past beat. go download the japaneese version of the game-"1240 - Subarashiki Kono Sekai - Its a Wonderful World" play the english version up to the point where it freezes in a No$gba 2.6 it will automaticaly generate a sav. file. now play the japaneese version in the iDeas, up to the point where you can sav the game. save you game. now copy the entire name of the english sav. file and and give this name to the japaneese sav file. now open the english rom "the world ends with you", with your iDeaS, it should start from the same place you saved in the jap version, but the text will be in english. and the bugs are all gone!! if it doesnt do it again you did something wrong!!
When i play the game on no$GBA 2.6a it works with the intro bit how he says he doesnt understand people but straight after the bit where he finds that ?skull chip? it goes strange, and all i can see on the screen is no coloured characters but on top screen i see only the main character in colour. How do i fix this? I really wanna play this game, been reccommended 2 me by like 20 people i know. ive tried ngzoom and it does nothing... Help me!
I launch the game and i cant start it ... all i see is some characters and music sounding and i tried click all buttons ,but nothing happened.
I just finished this game and i have to say that this game has easily made the top 5 best DS games. The game play is very addictive and the story is so-so in the beginning but get's so much better later on and i got a bit pissed but otherwise the game's story would have been boring.I recommend this game for EVERYONE, anyone who has a DS should download this and try it at least once.