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Full Name 2252 - World Ends With You, The (U).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I know it from nintendovn. Great Game for everybody
An amazing game! A hasty battle style, dont get distracted or you'll die! Great music too! I have it on my iPod :) Genuinely a good game, with good plot and good music and a great STYLE. It is similar to.. Hmm. A super fast paced ...Final Fantasy? Instead of magic, you use PINS. Instead of weapons, you get THREADS. The leading brands get strength ! and the losing brands lose strength! Great game :) Highly reccomended!!!
i cant play it for some reason it stops at the main screen it doesnt give me any option to move on all i can hear is the cool song in the begining of the game someone help me please
Great game. First game I ever cried in.
Awesome gameplay. Awesome characters. Awesome story. What's not to like? With loads of replay value, this is a game everyone HAS to play. It's a Wonderful World. Enjoy the moment, and enjoy the Game.
Great storyline Great gameplay Great battles Crap MUSIC
Yeah this game blew my mind! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!
i love this game though it was a bit of a hard fighting system which confused me and got new with each third or chapter of the game once again i love it.
This games okay, I mean, the story lines short, but its still a great and awesome game. Best game I've played in a while!.
Okay, I followed the advice and use iDeas intead of nosGBA but the emulator doesnt produce sound, anyone please help me. By the way, this is a great game.
Okay, I followed the advice and use iDeas instead of nosGBA, it play just great but one thing a miss...IT GOT NO SOUND, please anyone out there HELP ME T^T! By the way, this game is AWESOME!
IF you enjoyed the game, buy it so we can get a sequel. Seriously, this is the only game i've bought for a long time.