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Full Name 2230 - World Ends With You, The (E).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



I don't like this game, because I made a thoughtful comment that had sms, I pressed the back button, and the message is gone. Plus square can't swear two times in a single sentence. Comparing the game urbanisty with the real world(a populated state in the united state), the culture shock would eat them up in a burst of tears and beaten up. But that's just speculation, I don't havemy dual screen anymore.
It's awesome but on the 7th day I got "Game save data corrupted - Deleting save data!"...... Epic Fail!! ;;___;;
Where can i download the R4 1.17 or the M3 1.13????? please tell me i really need to know please...
Great game. Top 5 for sure!
This game is so freakin awesome. I just beat it a few days ago. Kilikman, since that doesnt work, get the Eden set. I have it. It takes a while to get and all. But it makes Neku invinsible
Such an awesome game!!!
A f*ck*ng great game. square enix pulled it out for this one. recommended for everyone, from 8 to 80 years old. more details about this fantastic game, check 9ninebreaker9's review in the forums. :)
Well, what can I say about this game? TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! This game ROCKS! I HIGHLY recommend this to EVERYONE. This game is unique in it's own way and has a great way of keeping things interesting. I guarantee you that once you start, you wouldn't be able to stop!!! Try it now!
Is this game working in SuperCard Rumble? Oh by You will play this game technically 21 days instead of 7 days. So sorry for the spoiler.
Just finished it and now im playing the another day secret chapter *spoiler* its all about tin pin slammer! *spoiler*
Response to "Game Freezes after frog cut scene" bug. I was having that same problem, but I got past it. Jasolme on the max console forums suggested that you open and close the DS screen repeatedly while the cut scene is running. php?p=926784. I officially confirm this to work. Trick is to do it fast, opening the DS screen slightly to the point where the DS can turn on and off. If it doesn't work try again. It only took me two tries. Using M3DS Real with 2GB Scandisk