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Full Name 2230 - World Ends With You, The (E).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



Opening and closing your DS screen fixed the freezing first try Thank you sooooo much!
My favourite game so far...
To fix the "After frog battle freezing" Take the japanese version of the game and change its name to "2230 - The World Ends With You (E)(XMS).nds" And play it until you have saved the first time, after that the game should have no more gliches. after you have done that, use the "English" version and replace the japanese renamed one with the english one, if the game freezes again use the same method, run the japanese version over it utill you can save. This works for R4DS and other i think, hope this helps C: Sorry if im bad at explaining ;^;
Best game :DDD Just beat it xD
And just as I got to say that "there appears to be no problems".... There is a problem after all. The game freezes everytime I reach the big boss on the seventh day. This is really frustrating, since it took some time to get the game that far. The positive thing is that these three days have been enough to get me completely hooked, so I placed an order for this game at a local gamestore. Should be there on monday. Woot! (And it's only like 20€)
A fantastic game. I've been a fan of Square Enix for a long time and this game was really worth waiting. The graphics are really well done and the sounds are clear. (Absolutely love the music playing on the background!!) The battle system uses both stylus and arrows at the same time, which took me some time to get confortable with. It still is kinda hard to keep eye on both screens at the same time, but hey, that's the challenge XD There appears to be no problems with my M3Simply.
Does anyone else have the trouble that when you get money it doesnt appear aand you cant spend it :(
The rom does"t work with my r4
It is a great game, I liked the gameplay as it heavily relied on the stylus, and i loved the storyline and the charecters. Although, once I completed the game, and startedo nthe bonus parts I found that the save game data got corrupted. I have an R4, anyone know how I can fix this issue? I ended up starting a new game file, but still have the old sav file on my computer. If there is a way to fix this that would be great, if not then I hope its just a once off thing. o.o
This is the best game ever! The people of Square Enix did a great job on this one!
Another excellent work coming from Square Enix, taking the creators of the Final Fantasty and Kingdom Hearts series this is a game to be praised. Anything they produce would be of exceptional quality. I have never been disappointed with their releases as they do know what gamers want serving us an attractive storyline, interesting characters and a new form of battling utilising the DS consoles touch screen. There are several other files downloadable on this site, so if this one doesn't work, search it up and try the US version. Have fun~ =]
I really don't want to play this game due to it being a JRPG, but the people on the forum I go on repeatedly say that it's better than sex on ecstacy, so I'm gonna try it and hopefully see what might be so good about it (and see if Yahtzee was right)