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Full Name 2230 - World Ends With You, The (E).7z
Filesize 63.8 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



Great game! It runs very smooth (R4), very nice. Also the soundtrack of this game is good.
an awesome game fully worth forking out 30 quid (even though you can get it for much less now!) :)
This is one of the best games for NDS I ever played: -Unique and great storie; -Unique dual battle system; -Replay with new things (actualy, not a "new game" replay, but replaying the levels to unlock itens and secrets); -And A PERFECT SOUNDTRACK; ----------------- about the freezing: just use 3D_hardware renderizer instead of software, if it dont functions, keep alternating between 3D_Hardware and 3D_Software rendereizer (I kept doing this until the video ends and worked!, but not at the first try.) It's just this part of game with freezes, the others parts are healty. SquareEnix rocks!
this game ROX i know it from a friend and it's so f*ing cool
ok, basically... THIS GAME ROCKS!!! It is seriously awesome!!! You HAVE to download it...seriously, would all these other people commenting be wrong? =D Oh, and I know that makes it sound kinda like I haven't actually played it...well I have and I LOVED it!!! Just click WON'T regret it!!!!!!!
@ elementalist that works thx i used to think twewy was some babyish cartoon game but now i think its awesome! thank you overall rating!
This game is by far one of the best I've ever played. Even though it is kinda hard to play with both screens in the same Battle =D I have this game in Spanish for those who want it... In spanish.
One word for this game would be 'AWESOME'
This is like the best DS game ever!!! It's definitely a must get for everybody!!!! Definitely better than KH, i got a few missions into that and got BORED!
Ill try, nut i cant even get v. far on KH 356/2Days, i get stuck on the "Giant Heartless in Desert placey-muhwatsit" mission. Damn the evil sandy worm thingy. But, if this is easier, i shall try, cos i might get somewhere!
I'm sorry, but i think roelie1255 MIGHT be right. i like them both very much. ive beaten this, and im not even half way through kh356/2, yet i love them both. 10/10 for both.
kingdom hearts 358/2 is better