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Full Name 2185 - Lost in Blue 3 (U).7z
Filesize 32.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Do you need Lost In Blue 1
After looking at all your comments i think i will give this game a try.
I've found that for any ds game that requires use of the mic...I just use my own mic that plugs in. So if you're making a fire all you need to do is blow into your mic.
i hope so.
probably yes
Will There Be A Lost In Blue 4?
lol, buy DA, don't use emulators. This is quite good, i don't really like the graphic change though
I try to blow my laptop microphone but it can't working... so the fire cannot start and the game is stuck there! Any idea...
This one is looking like a kid game. I like the other ones better. Its like what was that series... anyway another game series did that and it messed it all up for me.
Looks good but the graphics arent as good the 2nd one I dont think
For some reason, i cant get my mic to work. for this one... it worked in the 1st one... im downloading the 2nd now to see if it will work.
A nice survival game, although the first one has a higher score than 2 or 3.