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Full Name 1803 - Pororon! Docomodake DS (J).7z
Filesize 4.6 MB
Region Japan
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Pororon Dokomodake is a puzzle platform game that is a little like "Mario Versus Donkey Kong" and "Mario Versus Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis". It is playable without knowing Japanese except that you cannot read what are the new features available in new levels except by looking at the picture and guess the features. You control a toadstool and your objective is to reach the exit. Along the way, you can collect coins and treasure chests. Treasure chests include items like money or extra mini toadstools. You can split into many mini toadstools anytime and use the mini toolstools as a ladder to climb, throw mini toadstools at bees to kill them or at stone walls to break them or use them to block bugs from reaching you. When you split many mini toadstools, you become smaller and can squeeze through small gaps. You can collect back the mini toadstools anytime to become back a big toadstool. The grade that you get for clearing a level depends on how many coins and treasure chests you collect. In the game you have to activate coloured switches to open coloured doors, fill a jug with mini toadstool to activate a switch and other gadgets. This can is easier than "Mario Versus Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis" because when you make a mistake, sometimes it is still possible to retract your steps to correct that mistake and is relatively easy to play. However, it is not as colourful and does not as as many exciting gadgets as "Mario Versus Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis". Nevertheless, it is still worth a try playing the game. The game requires the use of both the stylus and buttons. Buttons are for movement. The stlyus is splitting, gathering and moving mini toadstools.