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Full Name 0847 - Lunar Knights (U)(M2).7z
Filesize 52.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



this game is my favourite ds game of all time. Its absolutely brilliant!
I really love Kojima games. It's so cool! Everyone must try this game.
what kind of game is this?
It's a fun game although if you can understand Japanese, then I can recommend you just play the Japanese Version. The Japanese Version has many unlockables removed in the US release... Just like the Ryuusei no Rockman Cross Over Quest... They even removed War Rock... Damn that Capcom of America for making the US versions of their games without the interesting parts! Japan always gets the better versions of the games!
this game is VERY FUN except there is Anti-piracy... i dunt know how to fix it
This game is amazing. Fun combat and good controls.
Did not freeze for me. The game rocks.
it freezes
@oohay1 is it like the "couldn't find .sav file" problem? coz for that, you need to totally reconfigure it a bit... you need to back up your files, then re-format the thing, then put it all back on, or that's what i had to do
it freezes at the 2nd chapter 4 me
im stuck at the part after the first boss fight.. the pale maid just say may i help u and then i cant do a thing... can anyone help?
does WHISTLING work on the emulator? anybody know?