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Full Name 0566 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team (U).7z
Filesize 8.1 MB
Region USA
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Best game ever
This game is good, but i would recomend time or darkness instead. similarities are graphics, you can actually evolve your starters in the end, but there are two totally different story lines and time and darkness have more pokemon to choose from at the start. the only annoying thing about this game is you have to buy the places so you can recruit pokemon. (i forgot the name of the things, its been a while since i played it last.) downloading it now, it will be cool to play it again.
i havent got it yet but does it have cheats?
Pokemon is still so awesome!! Anybody who enjoys the mystery dungeon games should get this!!
In this game you take a mini quiz in when you start it determines wich pkemon you are. It's a really good game. I had it for a couple of years lost it and bought a new one. still playing
Does gba games work on r4i.I like how there is a gba version and a ds version
cheats on it?
I really liked this game on my GBA now gonna play it on DS :D favorite combo is charmander/pikachu, I own with those two lets start playing!
i was at lugia >.> and it was my fave pokemon game.. then i lend it 2 my m8 and now he lost it >.> i cant be botherd playing sky... its the same story as time/darkness but has special episodes but i really cba playing sky >.> finished darkness 12times. This game is fun and challenging BUT if you dont like games which are 2 long or you lose something after u finnaly get 2 it etc.. DONT PLAY! Because a lot of dungeons have 99F takes ages to get there Lol. But if none of these things matter You should get it :D i prefer it more fun than the normal pokemon games.
I like this storyline better than darkness/time/sky but the storyline after you finish the chapters in sky(just only sky)its way better cause you can get shaymin lol and pokemon like giratina can change 2 their other forms
You can evolve in time and darkness and change your party leader you guys just haven't beat them proparly yet to evolve you need 2 beat darkrai first and to change the party leader you need to beat the guild I should know i beat explorers of time,darkness and sky.
after doxys is mewtwo