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Full Name 0367 - Metroid Prime Hunters (U).7z
Filesize 38.0 MB
Region USA
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I've had this game sincne it came out and i would advise to NOT use the multiplayer online... it used to be the best ever but now 90% of the people you play in it hack it and become unbeatable... rly not fun anymore. :( other than that... multicard play and single player are SWEET!!!! :D:D:D
IF yall are tired of cheaters... then get friends ''friend coodes'' and add them.=/
the first picture isn't from the ds version.
i completed in 3 hours and 45 minutes good game overall as above 4.5/5 last boss was hard but just keep moving around.hopefully there will be a sequel HOPEFULLY!!
this game is quality and the graphics are quite good for ds also i think this is bloody hard not for easy gamers more for the hardcore players overall 4.5/5
dis sound like a pretty good game i'll try it out anyway magoroty rules (no affence)
it's the best NDS-game ever (together with RAGNAROK) great multiplayer, only story is a bit boring after some time
Joetapia8210 haters gonna hate
I can't play wifi... It wont let me connect to it... Help please!
You cant play online if you cheat! I couldnt. They are not cheating only becouse they are better than you. BTW. This is the best game ever on Nintendo ds! I do recomend New super mario bros and Zelda phantom hourglas. Download them and you will have the ultimate nintendo collection. Zelda spirit tracks sucks!
Really, once you get good at this game, you just can't stop. I'm keeping a running total of 13678 headshot kills on my 5-star wifi licence, (without hacks!) It's a definite download, however the storymode lacks the whole "Metroid Prime feel" to it, the online is amazing. I do hack, but I only use the "anti-hack hack" (disables other hacks) and the wifi mode modifier. Becuase battle mode gets bland after the 1000th play. :D Yup, I;ve had the game since it came out, and I still keep in in the front row of my DS case.
Great game. Runs great except sometimes the framerate slows.