Full Name Super Smash Bros..7z
Filesize 16.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Otto....no the DS will never be able to play an N64 game great game, best out of all of them
You guys should play it on project64k
Worked very well in 1964, good speed, great playability!! You can't beat the original SSB!!
I don't know what is going on but when i download any game. it just shows a blank page. anyone know how to fix that. it can't find the information it needs or something like that. please help me!do i need to download something?
Played it on Project64---Had some sound issues with the game but it ran smooth and played great---Don't know what is with this rom though since the game is mostly in English with Japanese text everywhere---Very fun to play.
Awesome!!!!controls are kinda hard but very funnnnnnnnnnnn!
If i download it will it work on my wii?
This game brings back MANY memories
One of the best Nintendo 64 Games! 5/5
Best game EVER!
Super smash bros is brilliant!