Full Name Super Smash Bros..7z
Filesize 16.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



this game is fun especially with lots of pokemons appearing on the screen weeeepeeee!!
First one of the Smash Bros. Games. The Super Smash Bros. Melee is the advanced version for Gamecube which has by far more features like characters, stages, secrets, secret players, secret maps... etc.. Both are tested and recommended by my side, awesome games.
I love this game so much! I remember this from when I was little. This game is Jiggie for shushi
Erhm... Yay. 14 characters. a bit more would be nice. like BRAWL.
Great gmae this is the download 1000000% worth
If you liked this game (which is mega-fun), I also suggest you try the GameCube version, which is called "Super Smash Bros Melee"!!!!! It is a remake of this game, improved graphics and sound! Very good game as well and available at Romulation, this awesome site!! :) But the N64 is well worth downloading as well!! :) Get it!!
I missed this GAME!!! :D
Two words...... Ownage Pwnage. This game is a absolute classic..better than street fighter!!!!!!!
best game ever played it since i was little
The best game ever!
IF You grew up with this game you will simply see that it has "Grew" on you, like a gum sticks to your shoe on an unexpected moment, when i was little i had an uncle in japan, he got lotsa game stuff, that made me buy 2 seperate n64, a japanese and european, i still remember my uncle coming home with "Nintendo all star bla bla bla" And it was amazing, i told my friends to try it out, but they had to wait looong for the american version , since the name was all diffrent, so i bought the american version of an more of "Stumble" since the title were alot diffrent, i prefer the japanese version, i just dont know, it gives me more nostaliga feeling :)
OH YEAH!!!!!! this is great I kicked some whooping ass Super smash brothers rocks! GO!!!!