Full Name Super Smash Bros..7z
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Region USA
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people dont try it in your NDS, it is NOT and NDS game, it is a N64 game one of the best games ever, my personal favorite fighting game, even more than melee and brawl Kirby FTW!!! Which would you think is the best char?? VOTE!
hey mildred! this isn't a ds game!!! everyone knows that the SSB series is only on nintendo's tv consoles and its clearly an n64 game!
some comments are saying if they can play this on the ds. you can't, but you can get project64 for your pc which emulates N64 games.
If some-how we could play n64 games on a ds LITE (making some type of slot 2 controler) it would be one of the best things to ever happen in the ds lites life time :'( oh well, this game has to be one of the best n64 games there was, and LOL at sephs fast response to kilikman's comment kilikman: 10 hours 42 minutes ago Seph: 10 hours 36 minutes ago
1964 is an emulator kilikman...
@Lnulasomenumber: The N64 wasn't even OUT in 1964 so what are you talking about? Hell, the NES wasn't even out then!
BEst Smash Bros. Eva its simple and works great on my Project 64 It's very handy whippin out a emulator them putting together my old 64 . great game tho must download!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just the game i was looking for. Great game, simple controls - awesome moves, normal characters - different levels and difficulties - and unlockable character! all you need for a basic melee game!
The best fighting game ever....simple enough....next to the ps2 DBZ games (after budokai two, they were alright) and Street Fighter...this game is a fighting legend...because melee, brawl, etc...it only got better, never worse.
This game is awesome! :D
Why must some peolples play this game on his DS oder DSi? This game was the first "Super Smash Bros"-game in the Videogame history.I wouldnt never play this game on my DS Lite because i own this game
The freakin 2nd best N64 game on earth!!! THE best is Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time!!!!