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Full Name Super Mario 64.7z
Filesize 6.3 MB
Region USA
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This is the best N64 Game ever I have played every day for a week and I have almost completed it.
This Is The Best N64 Game So Far ^_^
oh my God this game remember me the old days and I swear I still play it its unforgettable legend i liked it so much now i used to play it on my psp always thanks nintendo for this great game
Awesome game, miss it.
I collected a all 120 stars before 11 years on N64, now I'm trying to do it again, but on emulator. Super Mario 64 is apsolutely best 64 game and best platformer in 5th generation of consoles
dude this freakin game is on ds and dsi freaky peplo dont you see they copyed well ok they can have it for now.............
Great game even today - wouldn't surprise me if this game was still being played ten years from now! You can have all your fancy PS3s, Wiis and 360's but *nothing* can beat Super Mario 64 :D
all the sines and dialog are in chinese on mine. Is this right?
i like this better than a remake cuz this is so classic!!
I'm playing using homebrew channel which is on the wii. Well other than that you know this is a great game
An awesome first 3d for mario. I remember it like it was yesterday when the n64 was the main console. Awesome graphics, great sound effects, nice music. The controls are great and this game was so great that it was re-released on the Ds about 10 years later. Both were successful and the re-release was better with some mini games and some new levels and characters. Try both of them, it'll be a blast!
This Gamess Great, i use it on mupen64 *SPELLING