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Full Name StarCraft 64.7z
Filesize 23.6 MB
Region USA
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I have played it before, and the part i like the most is co-op which i mostly played with my friend, the AI in the console version is a bit more stupider then the PC version but still enjoyable, also the shortcut makes making units an ease, fun game to play if you have friends and a second controller :)
The PC version is one billion times better. This game is really good though, if you have a joystick, that is.
uh starcraft is a really good game but it is hard to play on n64 if you don't have a joystick i played this on my PC only
well using this with the wii64 emulator and using a gamecube controller this game is awsome!
one of the greatest games ever, period.....
Is this for nintendo DS?
is this easy to play with a gamepad that has no analog stick?
yes-it has been officially announcec that on the 2nd half of 2010!
Any1 know when starcraft 2 comes out?
Much more fun on the PC, but nonetheless a great game.
Is this usa version??
This is really good try it if you like real time strategy games!