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Full Name Resident Evil 2.7z
Filesize 106.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I used project64 and it worked for me, but it had a few graphical glitches and bugs.
The complaints are right though, lots of computers can't play this game on any emulator. I can't remember what you need though, it may be OpenGL graphics.
Don't let the above comments change your mind if you think this game sounds fun there have been almost 2000 downloads and there are five complaints........thats still a pretty good ratio of it working
It didnt work for me i play on pj64 emulator, can someone explain me why i just lose 100points and an hour of my life?
You know d bag i actually have an r4 you know too bad thats not a plausable solution to this particular problem......idiot. tell you what if you can get this game to work using an r4 theres a 100 bucks in it for you
Has major crash related problems with all current emulators. wont play
What's great about this version of the game is the fact that it comes with the ability to change the colour of all blood in the game, and turn it down, to help gamers who couldn't handle as much gore as other gamers, or for those who haven't played Resi before, or just this one, such as not knowing what to expect. Overall I'd give Resi 2 an 8/10 and this version 9/10.