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Full Name Resident Evil 2.7z
Filesize 106.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Here is how to get the best out of an emulator: 1)Get exactly the most compatable from any site, for it comes entirely packed with the right amount of plug-ins and all you need to get is the memory cards for it. 2)Make sure it works according to your computers specs. 3)You have to adjust any plug-ins that render your emulator useless, so you have to customize around a little bit--all experiment really. 4)The ones that everyone usually says is the best download is not the one that works out the best, so try out others--OKAY! I have a DELL computer from 2001 with DVD+RW recordable disc drive, processor unit 2.3 ghz, a well around motherboard, and great sound effects. Heck I even use an old DELL model from 1999 with 800 mhz processor and I cannot complain. Both my computers play emulators from generation one to five and right now I am trying out to see if it could go further.
This game is really SCARING!!!!BOOOOOOO!!!!!
Try playing the psx version of the game , it works better and most computers are able to run psx emulation. there will be small soundbugs, but nothing like the bugs on the N64 version.
This ROM is playable but there are a few problems -During in-game cutscenes the voice overs arent there,its either a buzzing,slurping,or ringing noise and it can crash the game too -WAY Too Many bugs(Lost all my weapons and healing items due to a cutscene) -Realtime Cutscenes(like Claire meeting Leon)wont show -Pausing and Resuming the game also crashes the game too but its a 20% thast happens other then those problems you can play it and enjoy it,i beat it on Project64 emulator with all the problems above,in short its not worth the download or the 100 points,and for those who say this is the best RE game are rediculously wrong,its good but certainly not the best
Major problems with this game even the new project64 1.7 it still crashes.
it contains multiple versions of the rom.
How is this possible? The N64 Cartridge space is 64mb, but here the archive takes 100 mb, what's better in here?
@whitedragon1-66666 Go to for plugin-based emulators. They put the sound, video, etc. plugins in little packs, which are provided on the site. It sure beats digging through Google's crap-covered asshole to find your desired plugins.
The cutscenes won't work in project 64. Great game but this isn't a good way to play this game if you've never beaten it before. Are there any emulators that work with this 100%?
work good and i like it
this game is fun but sometimes hard
eh.. the game keeps making weird crash sounds whenever someone is talking, any help? using P64