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Full Name Paper Mario.7z
Filesize 20.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



It frose up on me as soon as the castle rose from the ground.
Great game lots of fun
Fun game, unexpected dialogue about the characters. A fun adventure, but it leaves some disturbing questions. Also, no 'paper-thin' powers in this game, that tv advert was for the Cube. Basically plays like Mario RPG simplified. Trying for multiple jumps is difficult on a emulator (and also impossible until you visit the first star).
@Puffreis Can you use those plugins with Linux? (I have Ubuntu, a debian-based distro). Also, for some reason, my Archive Manager app can't open .7z files, even though in the description it SAYS it can...
Jim you say every game is in japanese that you review but really your just using the (J) roms use the (U) roms.
You can choose languages that is why there is 3 files find the one thats says (U) at the end thats english have fun
Solid Rom---But the language is in Japanese so be warned.
Hey guys, Here is a small explanation: Download Mupen64 the RSP plugin of Jabo (Project64) the GFX Plugin Glide Wonder ++ then set the microcode in the Plugin options to "RSP SW 2.0X (ex. Mario)". Hf playing the game without grafical errors and slowdowns or even freezing.
No this is the first paper mario the thousand year door is for gamecube this one is N64
This my favorite game!?!?! ever!!!!1
Seriously there are three of them this is the first the second is on the gamecube and it is call paper mario and the thousand year door
You really need to update yourself on game history...