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Full Name Mario Tennis.7z
Filesize 14.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Yea terry is right if you want to fix most of the graphics for this rom go to advanced options and check force alpha blending it will get rid of the black bars but some stuff will become invisible this is the best mario tennis game.
@Hellboy13, i don't think so as this is a nintendo 64 game. Oh and the game contains a lot of graphical errors. Like loads of things being black and such. I encountered this problem on the Project 64.
dose it work for DSI
This game is alot of fun and a must for mario fans to play
Hey Guys try it its very cool Game , and the thing that more interesting is that all mario characters.
So wished if other Nintendo characters like Link or Fox were here. But then again, this is not the Smash Bros. type, its just a Mario only game. I enjoy this a lott!
A very with all the mario characters
This was one of the funnest N64 games :D. Funnest isn't even a word :S