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Full Name Mario Party.7z
Filesize 18.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 11413
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can yo uuse a pc controler on projet64?
what language is it in?
woo for xbox 360 controller it makes it easier try it out
The game cheats. Repeat: the game CHEATS. Unless all your opponents are set to easy, I dunno I you will get even the third place, let alone getting a star. The normal/hard setting is not truly randomized, it'll just lower your chances and raise your opponent's chances. Otherwise in a game like this, there shouldn't be a difficulty selection. Besides, during emulation, certain mini-games like ducky says, needs you to rotate your stick, which is nearly impossible to use and win using a keyboard. The game is only good in playing if you got a human pal with you to play with. Only then the CPU will play fair (somewhat!) Otherwise, I suggest: move on!
for multiplayer you should get nemu 0.8
Don't bother with the emulated version of mario partys, unless you can get a controller plug-in, since there are some minigames hard to play with arrow keys, as ducky says. I like your username oO
I find it incredibly difficult to use a "circular" motion with arrow keys
it is actually a good game,if you hve 2-4 players.
Nice game for 2-4 players