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Full Name Mario Kart 64.7z
Filesize 10.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



One of my fav games
when I unzip it i get like 20 files and I cant play it please help
forever love this game
This game is awesome! Get your friends together and play multiplayer!! Its super fun! You all gonna love it! (Chicks also love it ;)
one of my favorite games both when the N64 was new and still to this day. fantastic game
Woo! I finally are able to play such great games on my Wii! AND THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!!!!
Of course it doesn't it's n64 are you people blind MK64 is the best mario kart and racing game on n64 after mario kart 64 the mario kart games were crap the snes and n64 will always be the best.
does it game work on ds's????
do these games work on ds or dsi???
Strangely, Mario Kart 64 is the ONLY Mario Kart game that I never got to play on real hardware. Fortunately, I have a Wii, and I hear there is a homebrew N64 emulator in the works for it. :)
this is quite possibly the best reason to get a 64