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Full Name Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time.7z
Filesize 55.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



THANKS awesome download and holy crap is that compressed or what? 2g in a 57mb dload :) BEST GAME EVER
As fun as Super Mario 64 AND Star Fox 64. Downloaded it from, couldn't get to the first boss. Hope it works here.
A Masterpiece. Totally the best game ever along side Super Mario 64.
Best ever! no protest
This is the master game of all times..... nothing will ever top this game not GTA 4 not Left for dead not ANYTHING
This game is a masterpiece that will be remembered forever. Don't doubt Zelda. Not once, not ever.
In case no one knew this is master quest this means the dungeons are more complex and difficult, so if you notice a difference, no its not a bug its master quest :)
I used to love this game! and now thanks to the beauty of emulation, i can play it again its perfect =D
One of the Best game ever created !!! It is a legendary game to have for the fan of nintendo
This is the best game of all time full stop end of story theres no denying this game is the stuff of legendeds
This game was so freakin' awesome. The graphics were sketchy to what we are used to now, but was cutting edge at the time. This game deserves to be placed with many other great games, if not above them. I even got my screen name from it :) The plot is very well developed, the fighting can be entertaining, and you will be captivated for hours until you beat the game. Of Course, beating the game is only half of the fun. There are so many things to do, such as finding all of the pieces of heart, the gerudo horseback archery, and the mask trading system make the fun last for even longer. Also, if you play this game on Project 64, there are so many fun cheats, such as levitation, fire-starting swords, and even cloning! on emulator or console, this game is a masterpiece.